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About Noble 7 Skateboards

Noble Seven Skateboards was founded by an elite team of members across multiple skate brands. With skate culture from across the globe, in the backbones of the entire team, Noble Seven strives for dominance in the skate industry. Gnarly tricks, continuous lines and a unique style divides us from the rest. Offering a wide variety of unique decks made professionally to shred. Live the noble way by following our mantra, "Nothing's Too Gnarly".

The Noble 7 Team

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120 Avenue Way

Suite 200

Goldwater, California 92670


Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm PST

Closed Saturday, Sunday and all major holidays.

Closed Christmas thru New Years.


Noble 7 Skateboards

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Noble 7 Pro Model 2.0

This Emblem Series 2.0 Deck is made from 7-ply canadian maple. With 8" width and 31.75" height, it's the industry standard. On top of that, a wheel base of 14.5", nose at 6.8" and tail at 6.5". Can't get any better than this.


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Noble 7 Pro Model 4.0

This Emblem Series 4.0 Deck is made from 7-ply canadian maple. With 8.25" width and 31" it's yet another industry standard. And of course, a wheel base of 13.5", nose at 6.9" and tail at 6.4". Top of the line.


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Noble 7 Pro Model 6.0

This Emblem Series 6.0 Deck is made from 7-ply canadian maple. 7.75" in width and 31.5" in height, it's one of a kind. Additionally, a wheel base of 14.75", nose at 6.7" and tail at 6.25". Made to shred.


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